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This page is about the game data license chosen by free games. See also the licensing guide and Category:License.

OpenArena Edit

GPL 2 for game code and data

WorldForge Edit

  • GPL 2 or later + FDL 1.1 or later double license OR
  • Public domain

Planeshift Edit

  • Source code under GPL
  • Game data under a proprietary license

Battle for Wesnoth Edit

GPL 2 or later for game code and data

UFO: Alien Invasion Edit

mostly GPL 2 or later for game code and data.

GNU Free Documentation License for documentation, some Creative Commons Licenses for portions of the game data.

Glest Edit

GPL 2 or later for the game engine.

All rights reserverd for game data

Tremulous Edit

  • The code is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, with the exception of some files that are under GPL-compatible licenses.
  • The media is licensed under the CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION-SHAREALIKE 2.5, with the exception of all shaderlab ( textures (by Randy 'ydnar' Reddig) that are under a non-free license

Note: Info taken from the COPIYNG file of Tremulous 1.1.0

The texture exception was removed in the subversion version

Xreal Edit

For a list of the licenses for the single files Some files are under free licenses

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