How to upload a 3d model Edit

I know this procedure sucks. I plan to create a wikimedia plugin with an upload form.

  • Upload your file to a file uploading service
  • Generate a preview following the 3d preview policy Project:Policy (optional)
  • Upload the preview to this wiki (optional)
  • Create a new page for the model
  • Use the Template:Infobox model and fill at least author and license, for the license use a license template from these Category:License template
  • Use the Template:3d model preview with your previews as parameters (optional)
  • Create an Information section (== Informations ==)
  • Create a Downlaod section (== Download ==) with a link to your file
  • Add a category with the name of the author [[Category:By Author Name]] or more categories if there are more authors

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